Diaba Free Lotion – Aarogyam shakti

Diaba Free Lotion

Product Description



Decrease Body SugarDecrease Body Sugar

Stops Frequent UrinationStops Frequent Urination

Improve EyesightImprove Eyesight

Boost ImmunityBoost Immunity

Decrease Fatigue And WeaknessDecrease Fatigue And Weakness

Helpful in Skin Infections Helpful in Skin Infections

Overcome Sleeplessness And DiscomfortOvercome Sleeplessness And Discomfort


Nigella Seeds (Nigella Sativa)Nigella Seeds (Nigella Sativa)

Black Plum (Syzygium Cumini)Black Plum (Syzygium Cumini)


Gudmar (Gymnema Sylvestre)Gudmar (Gymnema Sylvestre)

Berry (Ziziphus Mauritiana)Berry (Ziziphus Mauritiana)

Almond (Prunus Amygdalus)Almond (Prunus Amygdalus)

Colocynth (Citrullus Colocynthis)Colocynth (Citrullus Colocynthis)

Chirata (Swertia Chirata)Chirata (Swertia Chirata)

Diaba Free Lotion includes natural herbs like Salicylic, Berries, Kalonji, Gudmar, Colocynth, Plum, Nimboli, etc that help in preventing the increase of sugar levels present in the blood. People of any age group can use Diaba Free Lotion and get better results. Diaba Free is easily absorbed by the skin. Diaba Free Lotion 100% Ayurvedic Proprietary Product.

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