Bremelanotide injection For HSDD

Bremelanotide is used to treat women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). HSDD patients don’t respond to their partner’s sexual signals, lose the desire for sex, or avoid sex altogether. Because they have little or no fantasies or thoughts about sex. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder may be caused by Stress, Anxiety or depression, Tiredness, Menopause, Low sex hormone levels, Recent pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding, Sexual abuse or trauma in your past, Relationship problems, Issues with body image And Medical problems such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, multiple sclerosis or bladder problems. Blood pressure medicines, antidepressant medicines, and feminizing hormone therapy, chemotherapy may also cause HSSD. Bremelanotide should not be used for men and the treatment of HSDD in women who have got menopause to improve sexual performance.

Adult Dose for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
 1.75 mg/0.3ml injected under the skin at least 45 minutes before sex.

  • You should not use more than one dose of Bremelanotide within 24 hours. Do not use more than 8 doses per month.

Temporary increase in blood pressure and decrease in heart rate, Nausea, burning, coldness, discoloration of the skin, feeling of pressure, hives, Bleeding, blistering, numbness, pain, scarring, soreness, stinging, swelling, tenderness, tingling, ulceration, or warmth at the injection site, feeling of warmth, redness of the face, neck, arms, and occasionally the upper chest.

You should Skip the missed dose and take the medicine the following day at bedtime. You should not take Bremelanotide in the morning and do not take two doses at one time.