Kanzomin Granules: View Uses, Side Effects

Kanzomin Granules | Amino Acid Granules

कान्जोमिन ग्रेन्युल्स अमीनो एसिड का अच्छा  सप्लीमेंट है , कान्जोमिन ग्रेन्युल्स  प्रोटीन बनाने की प्रक्रिया को सुगम बनाता है और मांस पेशियों के उतकों कि रिपेयर करता है और साथ ही साथ ब्लड शुगर को सामान्य बनाये रखने में मदद भी करता है 

Kanzomin Granules


Each 10g Sachets Contains:

  • L- Valiine USP  1144 Mg
  • L- Leucine USP 952 Mg
  • L- Isoleucine USP 1904 Mg


Adults : 1 sachet 3 times a day after meals Or As directed by the Physician Or Pharmacist.

Uses of Kanzomin Granules:

  • Treats nutritional deficiencies

Side Effects of Kanzomin Granules:

  • Most side effects do not require medical attention and usually subside as your body adjusts to the medication. However, consult your doctor if side effects persist or if you are concerned about them.

How to Use Kanzomin Granules:

  • Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor.
  • Check the label for directions before use.
  • Empty the granules into a glass of water or milk, stir well, and consume immediately.
  • Kanzomin Granules can be taken with or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time.

How Kanzomin Granules Works: Kanzomin Granules contains three nutritional supplements: L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, and L-Valine. These supplements help to replenish the body’s stores of important nutrients.

Precautions and Warnings:

  • Before taking Kanzomin Granules, inform your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, especially kidney or liver problems.
  • Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.
  • Avoid taking Kanzomin Granules if you are allergic to any of its components.

Interactions with Other Medicines:

  • Inform your doctor about all the medicines you are currently taking, including prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal supplements, to avoid potential interactions.
  • Some medications may interact with the ingredients in Kanzomin Granules, affecting how they work or increasing the risk of side effects.

Dosage Information:

  • Follow the dosage instructions provided by your doctor or the label. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  • If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and resume your regular dosing schedule. Do not take a double dose to make up for a missed one.

Storage Instructions:

  • Store Kanzomin Granules in a cool, dry place below 30°C.
  • Keep the medicine out of reach of children.

Additional Information:

  • Nutritional supplements like Kanzomin Granules are often used to support overall health and well-being, especially in individuals with dietary deficiencies or increased nutritional needs.
  • It is important to maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle along with taking nutritional supplements.

Conclusion: Kanzomin Granules is a beneficial nutritional supplement designed to address deficiencies in essential amino acids. By replenishing these vital nutrients, it helps improve overall body function and efficiency. Always follow your doctor’s advice regarding its use and report any persistent side effects to ensure safe and effective treatment.