Lipid Profile | Cholesterol Test

LIPID PROFILE, BASIC, SERUM (Spectrophotometry, Calculated)

Lipid Profile Test Value

healthy serum cholesterol (Total) Normalless than 200 mg/dL
healthy LDL cholesterolless than 130 mg/dL
healthy HDL cholesterol for menhigher than 45 mg/dL
healthy HDL cholesterol for Women higher than 55 mg/dL
Triglycerides less than 150.00 Mg/DL
VLDL Cholesterol<30.00 mg/dL
Non-HDL Cholesterol<130.00 mg/dL
Calculating serum – cholesterol
HDL + LDL cholesterol levels + 20% of triglycerides ⇒ cholesterol – serum
A high level of cholesterol in the blood indicates – High LDL and high VLDL cholesterol increases risk for coronary artery disease and other heart diseases.
Why do patient need a cholesterol test?
cholesterol test is for that person which has following symptoms or diseases like A diet with high saturated fat, Excess weight or obesity, High blood pressure, Lack of physical activity, Smoking, and Type 2 diabetes
Note: High HDL, low LDL and low VLDL cholesterol levels are good for heart health.
HDL – High Density lipoprotein
LDL – Low Density lipoprotein
VLDL – Very low-density lipoprotein

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