Lupivestin 250mg Tablet

Lupivestin 250mg Tablet contains Univestin and it is a blend of flavonoid-enriched plant extracts of Acacia catechu and Scutellaria baicalensis. It is used to treat Joint pain, stiffness, or Joint discomfort. Univestin also improves flexibility and physical function. Univestin inhibits that enzymes which are responsible for inflammation thereby reducing joint discomfort and rigidity. Univestin reduces joint discomfort within 5 days. It reduces joint stiffness and increases joint mobility within 3 days. It also improves joint function within 7 days.
Safe with no side effects.



Each Tablet Contains:

  • Univestin 250 Mg


Adults : Two Times a Day Or As directed by the Physician Or Pharmacist.

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