Madhupat Plus Tablets

Madhupat Plus Tablets – For Diabetes Patients

Madhupat Plus Tablets – For Diabetes Patients, It is Enriched with Jamunbeej (Seed)20 mg; Nishottar (Root)20 mg; Harda (Fruit)20 mg; Beheda (Fruit)20 mg; Amla (Fruit)20 mg; Neempaan (Leaves)20 mg; Methi (Seeds)20 mg; Gudmaar (Leaves + Stem)20 mg; Karle (Fruit)20 mg; Indrajav (Seeds)20 mg; Brahmi (Leaves)20 mg; Kadujire (Seeds)10 mg; Kirayata (Leaves + Stem)10 mg; Kutaki (Root)10 mg.
Useful as a Tonic in the Second level of Prameha/Diabetes, reducing the symptoms in Acute or Chronic Diabetes.

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