Medicines For Anaemia due to folic acid deficiency


Anaemia is a condition in which The number of red blood cells or hemoglobin levels to carry oxygen to your body’s organs is lower than normal. Then you have anaemia.

Anaemia due to folic acid deficiency

Low levels of folic acid in your blood cause folic acid deficiency anaemia. Lack of folic acid causes the body to produce abnormally large red blood cells but they can not function properly.

Normal Range RBC Count

Men 4.6–6.2 Million cells per microliter
Women 4.2–5.1 Million cells per microliter
Children 4.1–5.4 Million cells per microliter

Normal Range Of Haemoglobin

Newborns: 17 to 22 gm/dL
Children: 11 to 13 gm/dL
Adult Males: 14 to 18 gm/dL
Adult Women: 12 to 16 gm/dL

Folic Acid
Methylcobalamin + Vitamin D3 + Folic Acid + L-Arginine+Levo-carnitine + Acetylcysteine