Medicines For Angioedema


Angioedema is swelling under the skin, triggered by an allergy to drugs, animal dander, venom, pollen, food, or medication It is Painless. Allergic angioedema, Idiopathic angioedema, Drug-induced angioedema, and Hereditary angioedema are types of Angioedema. Angioedema can affect any part of the body, but the swelling usually affects the eyes, feet, genitals, hands, and lips including the intestines and upper airway.

What is the best medication for angioedema?

Allergic and idiopathic angioedema can be cured by antihistamines and oral steroids to relieve the swelling.
Hereditary angioedema cannot be cured, but medicines can help prevent and treat swelling.
Drug-induced angioedema can be treated by using an alternative medication to treat swelling.