Medicines For Apnea of Prematurity

Apnea of prematurity (AOP)

Apnea of prematurity (AOP) is an immaturity of neurologic and/or mechanical function of the respiratory system in which the part of the brain and spinal cord that controls breathing is not yet mature enough to allow nonstop breathing. In Apnea of prematurity (AOP) disease premature infants stop breathing for 15 to 20 seconds during sleep. It commonly occurs in infants of less than 37 weeks gestation.

Methylxanthines – Caffeine, And Theophylline – Are Prescribed In Preterm Infants Till A Gestational Age Of 34 To 35 Weeks.
Note: The U.S. Food And Drug Administration (FDA) Approved Only Caffeine Citrate For the Treatment Of Apnea Of Prematurity.