When Avni had a common cold.

जब अवनी को नजला जुकाम हुआ था

Avni woke up one morning with a sore throat and a stuffy nose. She sneezed and coughed, feeling exhausted even though she had slept for eight hours. She didn’t want to go to school, but her mom insisted that it was important to attend classes.

As the day progressed, Avni felt worse. Her throat was raw and her nose was running like a faucet. She could barely focus on what her teacher was saying, and she kept nodding off in the middle of class.

When the school day was finally over, Avni’s mom picked her up and took her home. She could see how sick her daughter was, and she knew that it was important to take care of her.

At home, Avni’s mom gave her a warm cup of tea with honey and lemon. She also made her some chicken soup, which Avni’s grandmother had taught her to make. The soup was warm and soothing, and it felt good on Avni’s sore throat.

As the evening wore on, Avni’s symptoms didn’t seem to be getting any better. Her mom took her temperature and discovered that she had a low-grade fever. She decided to give Avni some over-the-counter cold medicine to help ease her symptoms.

The medicine helped to relieve Avni’s cough and congestion, and she felt a little better. But as the night wore on, she still couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned, feeling restless and uncomfortable.

The next morning, Avni felt worse than ever. Her nose was completely blocked, and she could barely breathe. Her mom decided to take her to the doctor’s office to get checked out.

At the doctor’s office, Avni was diagnosed with a common cold. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and told her mom to make sure she got plenty of rest, drank lots of fluids, and took the medication as directed.

Over the next few days, Avni stayed home from school and rested. Her mom made her some homemade chicken soup every day, and she made sure Avni was drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest.

Slowly but surely, Avni’s symptoms began to improve. Her fever went down, and her cough became less frequent. Her nose was still a little stuffed up, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been.

After a week of being sick, Avni finally started to feel like herself again. She was still a little tired and run down, but she was grateful to be on the road to recovery.

As Avni looked back on her experience with a cold, she realized how important it was to take care of herself when she wasn’t feeling well. She learned that it was okay to take a break from school or other activities to rest and recover.

Avni also realized how lucky she was to have a mom who took such good care of her. She was grateful for the homemade soup and the warm cups of tea, and she knew that her mom’s love and attention had helped her get better faster.

In the end, Avni learned an important lesson about the importance of self-care and the power of a mother’s love. She knew that no matter what challenges she faced in life, she could always count on her mom to be there for her, taking care of her every step of the way.


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